August 26, 2009

Title Goes Here 8.26.09

I hate trying to come up with a title for my posts. I'm just not that creative.... I guess that's why I'm married to a professional writer then, huh? lol

So, just checking in. My apologies in advance for the bummer post... Yesterday was one of the worst pain days I've had in a while. Everything is seizing up on top of the normal aches and pains and then amplified. It was a 'let's take vicodan all day long kind of day.' Despite the Lyrica and an Ativan last night, I still couldn't sleep because I was hurting so much. Today I feel like I got beat up. I'm exhausted, I can barely walk (though I'm really not supposed to anyway...). This just plain sucks. My right arm is hurting so badly I could barely get my teeth brushed as a two-handed effort and I couldn't brush my hair (though unfortunately that seems to be a regular occurrence lately- that goodness for ponytail holders). Today's not shaping up to be a better day yet. :(

So I'm taking a couple of deep breaths and willing myself to get through the day as best I can.

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  1. I'm sorry today is not shaping out to be a good day for you hun. Unfortunately, we have our good days and our bad days, and sometimes it feels like the bad ones outweigh the good. But that's the fibro talking, don't let it win!

    As for my knee, I think you're right. I think I do need to get it checked out. *cringe* I hate doing that because doctors always seem to dismiss everything by saying its fibro, and I get really frustrated, and it usually ends up being a waste of time and money. BUT I took a vicodin last night, and that didn't even work, so I DO think you're right.

    As for the Lyrica, I actually don't get the fatigue/tiredness/whatever you want to call it with it. In fact, I'm still an insomniac. I mean, sure, I do have some fatigue, but it is not anymore then it was before I started Lyrica. And it does help me. Not as much as I would like, but it still does. Different medicines affect different people differently, and thats always the problem. You might have chemical sensitivity, alot of people with fibro do.

    Well, I'm off. Take care hun!