February 18, 2010


Been wanting to try to do some blogging to track how I'm feeling, so decided to start doing it today. I want to keep a record of how I feel, what's going on, and the things I've been able to do each day. I want to have a better understanding of what I can handle in a day, and what's too much. I also want to have a record, so I can see how things are trending, and keep track of things that work, or don't.

I'm really pushing myself right now, so this will be short and sweet.

Vital Stats for today:

Pain: 7.5
Exhaustion: 6
Last Night's Sleep: 8, with Ambien CR and 1/2 Zanaflex
Frustration: 8
Anger: 7
Depression: 5
Fibro Fog: 5

Things I did today:
Slept in a little, went to the Rheumetologist. He took me off Tramadol, increased Vicodin, increased Lexapro. We'll keep trying to change things a little at a time, since things don't seem to be getting better.
Went to work.
Had a late afternoon coffee with my husband. That was really super nice to get to spend some extra time with him.
Went back to work. It's tiring and stressful. Left 10 minutes early.
Went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription, drop of the new increased-dosage prescriptions, and pick up a few other items. There was a long line, so I had to stand there for a while. That's never fun.
Came home and decided I needed to buck up and take a shower. It's amazing to me how tiring a shower is. I washed my hair too, which is even more exhausting.. something about the motion and the arms over the head... still didn't get around to the shaving part... one of these days... lol
Got out of the shower and started having a lot of muscle spasms and twitching in my arms and right side of my back. Took 1/2 a zanaflex. Didn't seem to do much.
Took the dog for a really short walk. My right hamstring really started acting up, so I had to turn back pretty quickly.
Wrote a blog entry :)


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